If you have a large volume of waste that needs to be removed in a short space of time, or space on site for skips is limited, grab loaders can provide an effective solution.

Grab loaders are in essence tipper lorries with a grab arm attached. This means that providing the waste is within 12ft of the vehicle, the waste can be loaded on the lorry with its own grab arm therefore meaning no additional machinery is required on site. The lorry, if required, can take the waste away, tip it and then return straight back to site for continuous loads until all of the waste has been removed.

Grab loaders are usually available in 2 sizes, 6 wheel (which can hold approximately 14 tonnes of soil) and 8 wheel (which can hold approximately 18 tonnes of soil).

As with tipper lorries this method of removal is particularly suited for inert waste types (such as soil, brick, rubble etc.) and such waste types are usually charged by the load (inclusive of weight).

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