Waste Reporting.

Introducing our online waste management portal providing site reports, waste breakdowns and much more… powered by Select A Skip UK Ltd. 

Wastebox is our own online waste management portal and can provide you with access to every single site movement. It let’s you see where and when a skip is collected, it’s contents, who picked it up, where it was taken to and what percentage of the waste was recycled. In addition to this it will allow you to view all the relevant licences, giving you, your clients and your auditors 100% confidence with regards your duty of care.

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Most other companies use the generic recycling figures for a waste transfer station to compile their reports. On that basis a skip containing 10 tonnes of rubble would only reflect the recycling percentage of the facility it is taken to. If that figure is 75% your waste report will not show a true reflection of the waste, given that brick rubble is usually crushed and 100% recycled.

Wastebox compiles accurate waste reports by cross-referencing the indivdual recycling potential of each waste stream based on information provided by you, the skip provider and the Environment Agency. 

If the skip provider recycles all of their brick rubble waste then that skip will show as 100% recycled – the correct figure, and a marked improvement in your environmental performance.  Sign up for our online waste management portal today!

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