Skip Hire.

Our complete nationwide coverage allows us to offer skips of all sizes, in all locations. We always aim to deliver the skip you want, where you want, when you want.

Complete Nationwide Coverage.

We know that reliability and responsiveness are central to your choice of waste contractor.

Since 1996 we have built up a network of more than 1,100 fully licensed, audited and approved waste disposal providers, a supplier base simply unmatched by our competitors.

Throughout this time we have also continued to work hard to develop exceptionally strong working relationships with each and every one of them, which allows us to offer complete nationwide coverage.

It is for this reason that our customers know us for providing the most reliable, efficient and cost effective skip hire and waste disposal service, wherever they are working in the UK.

Where advanced notice is given we can service your sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Choosing the right skip for your requirements.

Though we’re sure everyone can imagine what a skip looks like, the size of a skip is generally described in terms of its approximate capacity and the industry still refers to this in imperial (yards) as opposed to metric (metres).

Of course this means that depending on the actual manufacturer, skips of the same (or similar) ‘capacity’ can actually be different ‘shapes’, which can often lead to confusion.

Therefore please bear in mind that all images and dimensions below are approximate and given purely as a guide!

We offer complete nationwide coverage, but on the very rare occassion the size you require is not provided in a certain area, we will always offer you the very best available alternative.

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Skip hire FAQs

It’s not just a case of how much waste you have!  You also need to consider how much room you have on your site and will then need to think about the type of waste you will be disposing of.  For example if the waste is heavy (e.g. soil/brick/rubble) then you will be restricted  as to how large a skip you can have.

When only a single skip is expected, we strongly believe that it’s better to hire a skip that you may not quite fill, as opposed to ordering a skip which ends up being too small meaning a second skip is then required as a result. In other words it’s better to overestimate than underestimate! Remember, we offer complete nationwide coverage.

When filling a skip it can only be loaded up to the level of the actual skip itself.

It is important that your site foreman and operatives are aware of this as it is actually against the law for drivers to carry over loaded skips on the highways.  Likewise, using boards around the skip in an attempt to increase it’s capacity (known in the trade as ‘greedy boards’) is illegal.

If a driver arrives on site to find an overloaded skip they are likely to turn away and leave without the skip, thus potentially incurring additional transport charges.

Though we try to be as flexible with hire periods as possible, as a general rule the maximum hire period is 7 days.

Of course should your site be an ongoing one where numerous skips are required and exchanged on a regular basis then there is nothing to worry about.  If however, you require a skip that is likely to be needed for more than 7 days without exchanges, we request you inform us at the time of ordering as a rental charge may be applicable.

Yes.  Though any skip that needs to be sited on a public highway, pavement or council owned verge, first requires permission from the local authority responsible.

Though the charges involved and the length of time it takes an application to be processed varies from council to council, in the vast majority of cases we can arrange the required permit on your behalf.  Depending on the local authority in question, application periods can be anything from ‘same day’ to 4 weeks, so when you know that a permit is likely to be required on an upcoming site it is vital that you give us as much notice as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Please also note that as the hirer, the lighting and coning of the skip whilst it is placed on public land is your responsibility, though we are usually able to arrange for the hire of these items on your behalf too.

A standard skip or roll-on-off vehicle usually requires a minimum of 10ft (3.3m) width and approximately 13ft (4m) headroom to safely gain access to a site.  If your site access falls a little below these requirements we are able to (in most areas) arrange for smaller skips (depending on waste type) to be delivered on smaller lorries.

If you are in any doubt about the access to your sites, we are here to help, so just ask!

There are certain types of waste that cannot be placed in general waste skips under any circumstances.

Examples of such waste types include (but are not limited to): asbestos, plasterboard, fridges/freezers/air-con units, batteries, tyres, gas canisters, fire extinguishers paint tins, food, fluorescent tubes, liquids, TV’s/computer monitors and Potentially hazardous timber which  includes  barge boards, external fascia, soffit boards, external joinery, external doors, roof timber, tiling cladding, tiling battens, timber frames, timber joists, railway sleepers, telegraph poles.

If any of the following waste types are going into your skip please let us know, as occasionally we can also have difficulty disposing of them as mixed construction waste and so they may incur additional charges: electrical items, mattresses, carpet, vinyl, artificial grass, rubber matting, any upholstered furniture (may contain POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) & roof felt.

It is vital that you always inform us of exactly what your are intending to dispose of at the time of ordering!  Remember, we offer complete nationwide coverage.

Chain Lift Skips.

2yd Mini Skip

The smallest chain-lift skip available, suitable for small amounts of all waste types.

4yd Midi skip

A commonly seem small chain-lift skip, suitable for small amounts of all waste types.

6yd Builders skip

A standard builders chain-lift skip, suitable for all waste types.

8yd builders skip

A large builders chain-lift skip, suitable for all waste types.  

12yd Bulk Skip

A large bulk chain-lift skip, suitable for light waste types ONLY. 

Roll-on-off Containers.

20yd (low Sided)

A low sided roll-on-off container, suitable for light bulky waste types or heavy (inert only) waste.

40yd (High Sided)

A large high sided roll-on-off container suitable for light bulky waste types only. 

40yd Enclosed

A large fully enclosed & lockable roll-on-off container suitable for light bulky waste types only.

What we can provide

Other Services.

With more than 25years of trading history we have continuously developed the services we are now able to provide on a nationwide basis.