Should you have a long term site producing waste on a regular basis, or perhaps where room on site for a skip is limited, then scheduled waste collections such as rear end loaders (RELs) or front end loaders (FELs) may provide a cost effective alternative.

Usually working on a contract basis, the requested container(s) are delivered to your site and then emptied on a pre-determined day, usually weekly or fortnightly.

RELs and FELs are similar in size to midi and builders skips. The term ‘rear end’ or ‘front end’ simply refers to how the bin is emptied by the lorry. Whilst they are not generally speaking maneuverable once delivered, they do offer a greater capacity to that of wheelie bins.

Both RELs and FELs are lidded to help keep your site tidy with the added security of being lockable (though please note you would have to provide your own padlock).

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