Gypsum, the main raw material for plasterboard, is a sulphate but is classified as non-hazardous. Under current regulations, waste containing gypsum can no longer be mixed with biodegradable waste at a standard landfill site. This regulation applies to waste containing identifiable gypsum-based materials, such as plasterboard, thermal laminates, glass reinforced gypsum (GRG), plasters, cove and ceiling tiles.

If a container of gypsum is sent to landfill, it must now be deposited in a separate Monocell. There are currently relatively few Monocells in the UK designed to take high sulphate wastes such as gypsum, and so use of this disposal route can often lead to higher disposal costs.

Select A Skip UK Ltd are fully licensed to organise the safe collection and disposal of any quantity of plasterboard you may have.

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