Due to the widespread use of materials containing asbestos since the early 1900s, it can be safely assumed that the majority of buildings built before 1985 are likely to contain some amount of asbestos within them. In fact you can only be sure that there is NO asbestos content if the building in question was built after the year 2000 when it’s use was outlawed.

Dangerous amounts of asbestos fibres can be present during the movement and destruction of asbestos containing materials, something which can commonly occur in the construction industry. As a result, the legislation involving the removal and disposal of asbestos are extremely stringent. Before removal from site, the waste should be double bagged and labelled clearly to show the origin of the waste before being consigned for final disposal to a licensed asbestos site.

Select A Skip UK Ltd are fully licensed to organise the safe collection and disposal of all asbestos types.

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