Select A Skip UK Ltd is one of the leading independent waste management companies in the United Kingdom. Through our network of licensed and approved waste providers we offer the highest level of waste management and recycling facilities available.

We at Select A Skip UK Ltd intend to:

It is the company policy of Select A Skip UK Ltd to ensure that all waste removed from our client’s sites is taken to the best practical licensed point of transfer/disposal or Materials Recycling Facilities (MRF), in the most environmentally favourable option available. All waste is removed by fully licensed waste carriers.

Wherever possible Select A Skip UK Ltd endeavour to encourage recycling and waste minimisation in partnership with our customers and suppliers. We have access to many MRFs across the country to ensure that wherever possible our client’s waste is sorted and recycled, thus reducing the volume of waste being sent to landfill.

Amongst others, the most practical waste streams that can be recycled or re-used are as follows: hardcore can be crushed and re-used as ballast; timber can be chipped and re-used to form the basic material in manufacturing chipboard etc.; metals can be taken to scrap metal merchants, melted down and re-used to manufacture new products; cardboard can be sorted, baled and transported to mills for re-pulping; furniture undamaged and in good condition can be re used plastics can be sorted into type and recyclable examples can be re-used in other products (e.g. dustbin liners)

On average a professionally operated Waste Transfer Station (WTS) or MRF will recycle upwards of 80% of waste and in most cases upwards of 90%

Where the option for recycling/re-use of a material is not practical, either because the material is not suitable for such purposes or economically viable to recover, then waste may be collected by a licensed waste carrier and disposed of directly to landfill.

In circumstances where a load of waste is not suitable for recycling, the waste will be removed from site to a licensed point of disposal or transfer. This would either be to a landfill site or sorted through a WTS first and then transferred to landfill. Wherever possible, tipping via a WTS or MRF would be preferable as this encourages the sorting of waste and possible recycling of materials.

All waste removed by our licensed waste carriers can be traced by a full audit trail. The form completed is known as a Waste Transfer Note (WTN), which shows the name and address where the waste is being generated. When the container is ready for removal, the form is then signed by the waste producer detailing the nature of the waste. The form will highlight the vehicle registration and waste carrier’s details and will be signed again at the point of disposal or transfer. This will fully comply with the waste producer’s obligation to the Duty of Care regulations 1996.

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