Select A Skip UK Ltd believes that one of its most important functions is the welfare of their staff and visitors. We do not wish any of our employees or any other persons to suffer as a result of our activities or work processes, to this end we comply rigorously with all health and safety legislation, Codes of Practice and best guidance and work methods available.

The Health and Safety policy and manuals we have prepared indicate the ways in which we intend to meet our legal requirements.

Legislation requires that, as an employer, we prepare a statement of General Policy with respect to the health and safety of our employees, together with details of the organisation and arrangements that we have set up to carry out that policy.

Therefore, we provide, so far as reasonably practical:

We also ensure, so far as reasonably practical, that the way we carry out our work does not affect the health and safety of persons who are not our employees, for example visitors and contractors.

It is also recognised that if we produce articles and substances for use at work, or erect or install any plant or equipment, we have a duty to ensure the health and safety of those who use them and make available all the required information for their health and safety.

We remind our employees of their duty to look after their own health and safety and ensure that they do not endanger others and that our employees must co-operate with us in meeting our legal obligations.

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